Event specific training designed to preform at your highest level. 

At Maximum Velocity Athletics, we design wholistic training that incorporates technique, speed, strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination to meet event demands. Science based, athlete focused, and coach driven training that has created Olympic, World, National, NCAA, and State Champions from the junior to senior level of athletics.  


"Being able to follow a coaching program that is specific for my event, by one of the best coaches in the world has been awesome"


You can have event training that takes you step by step from DAY 1 to your biggest competition of your season. Following daily plans, videos, and vlogs that guide you.

The Right Place

We design functional fitness programs that you can perform anywhere with minimal equipment. Get your workout in on the go!

The Right Diet

Your dream body is like your dream car. Give it the fuel it needs to perform its best. We'll take out the guesswork with custom meal plans and grocery lists. 

The Right Equipment

As you advance through your program, we'll make sure you have access all of the equipment you need to push past plateaus and become your strongest self.